Invisalign vs Braces

The fight is on between Invisalign vs braces. Invisalign, a breakthrough technology developed by Align Technology, which specializes in medical devices, could be a blessing for all who dread to take up the companionship of metal braces in order to align their teeth. This smooth, clear and almost invisible series of braces are made of plastic. Invisalign is gaining more popularity and as per records, almost 730,000 people have received the benefits of it thus far.san antonio invisalign treatment | Orthodontics san antonio

Hundreds of thousands of people across the world need to use braces to align their teeth every year. Until Align Technology came up with the revolutionary Invisalign, the traditional metal braces were the all-out winner in the area. Although aligning teeth with metal braces is a difficult and painful process, people had no other options. So, as the war of Invisalign vs braces is getting tougher, it will be interesting to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Here is a comparison of Invisalign vs braces which will help you to find out the benefits of Invisalign.

1. Effectiveness

When someone wants to get treatment to align their teeth and they have to compare the benefits of Invisalign vs braces, the first thing that comes to their mind is the effectiveness of both. While there is no question about the effectiveness of the metal braces, the studies conducted about Invisalign treatment conclude that it as effective as braces.

2. Cosmetic benefits

This is where Invisalign scores high in the comparison of Invisalign vs braces. The smooth, clear braces are virtually invisible, unlike the wire and bracket metal braces. So, using Invisalign does not compromise your looks while the metal braces are dark and unappealing.

3. Comfort

Comfort is one of the first things that come to mind when comparing Invisalign vs braces. Using Invisalign is definitely more comfortable than metal braces. Invisalign does not assert too much pressure on the teeth or gum. You are allowed to eat any type of food that you want. Again, the fact that it could be removed before consuming food ensures oral hygiene too. The aligners can be easily cleaned and placed back.

Once placed, the metal braces can only be removed once the treatment period is over. The rough edges of the metal braces could poke and irritate the mouth resulting in discomfort.

4. Pricing

Invisalign treatment is costlier than treatment with traditional metal braces. The heavy cost is the one hindrance curtailing the popularity of Invisalign. The high cost is mainly due to cost of the material used to make the braces. Orthodontists and dentists must complete a training course in order to start the practice of Invisalign treatment.

The pricing of Invisalign treatment depends on the region and the Orthodontist/dentist that you choose.Orthodontics in san antonio

Invisalign vs Braces Conclusion

Despite the higher cost, Invisalign scores in more areas in the fight of Invisalign vs braces. With more and more people wanting to use Invisalign because of the comfort in use and its obvious cosmetic benefits, it is clear that this new technology will slowly but eventually overtake the metal braces. For more information call our San Antonio Orthodontist