When You Choose An Orthodontist – Orthodontic Treatment

When you choose an orthodontist, it’s important to establish a relationship with them and feel confident in their expertise and trustworthiness. We’d like to help you to that end by introducing you to our orthodontic team.

We are wholly dedicated to providing the best in orthodontic treatment. Each member of our team is board certified. We are experienced in multiple facets of orthodontic care from Invisalign to complex orthodontic surgical procedures. Even with all this knowledge and skill, our orthodontic team continues their education whenever given an opportunity.braces san antonio

To meet our orthodontists, contact us at our Dental Office. We provide exceptional orthodontic services and we’d love to get to know you, your family, and your needs. Schedule an appointment today.

Whether you’ve always wanted orthodontic work and just never got around to it, or you’ve just recently become self-conscious about your less than straight smile, you deserve to have the smile of your dreams. We can help you learn a little bit about orthodontic treatment for adults and why you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist soon.

As you’ll see, there are more benefits to having a beautiful, straight smile than just aesthetics. Improved hygiene, balanced bite pressure, and easier speaking and eating all come with correcting misaligned teeth.

For more information about orthodontic options, whether for yourself or your children, contact us at our Dental Office. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about orthodontic treatment. Call us today for more information.

You definitely have a lot of options when searching for an orthodontist, so how do you know you’re choosing the right one? At our Dental Office, we strive to go above and beyond to really set ourselves apart from other practices. Here are just a few reasons we believe you’ll be beyond satisfied with us:


We want you to be absolutely sure you’ve made the right choice in orthodontists before you ever pay a dime. That’s why we offer a completely complimentary initial exam—that’s free! After that, we work with you to create the ideal treatment plan that both produces the best results and doesn’t break the bank. We offer affordable payment plans and family discounts, and you’ll never get hit with any extra or surprise fees; your quote covers everything.


Our board-certified orthodontists and staff have already completed the rigorous education needed for this specialty, but they never pass up an opportunity to keep learning the latest in technology and techniques. That means you’ll get nothing but the best in terms of skill, expertise, and training. We’ve been in practice for decades, and we place a high priority on patient safety with our rigorous sterilization procedures for tools and instruments.

Convenience and Comfort

We are conveniently located near public transportation and our state-of-the-art technology means less time waiting for results. We’re open two Saturdays out of every month, and we stay open late on Wednesdays. We’ll always remind you when you have an appointment coming up. You’ll enjoy our spacious and comfortable waiting room while you’re here, and we welcome you to enjoy our Nintendo DS gaming system. We’re also happy to provide a coffee bar and a free WiFi hotspot.

These are just a few of the reasons why our practice stands out from the rest, and we’d love for you to discover the many others for yourself. Call to schedule an appointment to learn more about our practice.

While the general idea of orthodontic correction is essentially the same in childhood and adulthood, many adults find that their careers or lifestyle seriously limit their options for corrective treatment. Metal braces may have not been a big deal in adolescence, but they can be quite an inconvenience as an adult, especially if you spend a lot of time speaking in front of people. Fortunately, there’s an option called Invisalign that more and more adults are turning to. Here’s why:

Invisalign is Covert

When you want orthodontic treatment but you don’t want everyone else to know, Invisalign may be right for you. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays to gently and gradually bring your teeth into proper alignment, so it’s difficult to see them unless you get extremely close. The trays can start yellowing if you use them past the two weeks they were designed to work, so make sure you do change your trays as advised. Invisalign Clear Braces In San Antonio, TX

Invisalign is Convenient

If your orthodontist gives the go-ahead for Invisalign treatment, you won’t have to worry about your braces cramping your style. Since the trays are removable, you can eat virtually anything you want, just like you did before beginning orthodontic treatment. Moreover, you don’t have to learn how to brush and floss your teeth all over again. Just remove the trays and clean them, then brush and floss like normal before putting the trays back in and going on about your business.

Invisalign is Comfortable

While there can be a mild level of discomfort with any orthodontic treatment, Invisalign carries a number of benefits over metal braces. Because there are no brackets or wires, you’re less likely to develop sore spots on your tongue or cheeks. If you’re into sports, you don’t have to worry about extra injury risk from your orthodontics.

At our Dental Office, we offer a number of orthodontic treatments for adults, including Invisalign. To learn more about your options call to schedule an appointment.

At our Dental Office, we pride ourselves on providing premier orthodontic treatment to the community. Call us today to see how we can help you.